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We'll setup all your computer and network needs, whether it's a home or corporate office. We setup remote assistance software so that we were able to instantly troubleshoot any problems you need. We also send out staff to make sure all your tech is fully working. We'll also perform periodic cybersecurity checks and updates to make your data is secure and your equipment and software are up to date.
We build and prepare robust websites that help you stand out above other clients. We'll setup all sort of sites, from simple portfolios, to full e-commerce stores, and membership sites. We'll make sure you earn revenue without paying hefty fees to middle-contractors, that you can invest in making your business more awesome. We have saved clients thousands of dollars in consolidating and optimizing un-necessary server and merchant processing expenses to confirm your end line as optimal as possible.
If you're not comfortable with, or don't have time to maintain your online presence, we'll take care of it for you. We create graphics, content, photography, and write code, to make sure all of your social media pages and websites are up to date.
We provide some of the most advanced local market live streaming in the Northeast United States. Whether you're hosting a seminar on zoom, having an indoor event, or hosting events and sports outdoors, we film with professional camera equipment and make sure your event is streamed across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, DailyMotion, and many more platforms SIMULTANEOUSLY. We can provide commentary, graphics, and make sure any form of content you need is as professional as possible to your audience.
We design palm cards, and all forms of flyers and marketing material for your business or campaign. We can also point you in the direction of printing vendors that will give you the best deals for your marketing needs.
If you have old tapes or cassettes, or even CD's, or maybe your content is stuck on a hard drive from a computer you thought died, we'll restore and convert them all so that you can enjoy them again. We'll put them on your medium of choice, or help you set up a media center in your home that can be expanded to more amazing uses.